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Assessment Clinic

Psychological evaluations and testing

Psychological assessment refers to collecting information and drawing conclusions through the use of observations, psychological tests, and interviews. Through analysis of the data, we identify patterns of sysmptoms, provide diagnostic opinions, and make recommendations for treatment.

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What's involved?


Standardised and clinical questionnaires


Clinical interviews


Diagnostic assessments


Scoring, analysis and report writing


Report and results feedback

Tests and Assessments



ADHD is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders of childhood, with problems that can persist well into adulthood. Not everyone with ADHD display all the symptoms, and every single person experiences ADHD to a different level of severity and impairment. 


Autism spectrum disorders are lifelong developmental conditions that can cause difficulties with communication, socialisation, sensory activities, and restricted or repetitive behaviours, interests or activities. 


Cognitive assessments are used to determine a person's learning capacity by identifying their cognitive strengths and difficulties. Diagnostic assessments for intellectual disability also involve cognitive assessments such as IQ testing.


Career and vocational

During a vocational assessment, we will carry out a comprehensive evaluation of your transferable skills, interests personality traits, strengths, and values - to recommend suitable career options complementary to who you are. 


Behavioural assessments examine whether a child's challenging behaviour falls outside the age-appropriate range. Concerns may include hyperactivity, impulsivity, aggression, difficulty sustaining attention, and disruptions to learning and peer relations.  


Many things can happen in life, and sometimes we may find ourselves in a situation requiring a psychological assessment for legal purposes. If this is what you're looking for, contact us and our team's forensic psychologist will be able to assist with your enquiries.

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