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Therapy & Counselling

Clinic and telehealth sessions available

Informally called 'talk therapy', this is a psychological treatment approach designed to help people change their thinking and increase coping skills. We provide treatment in a range of modailities including CBT, ACT and mindfulness.

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Common areas we help with

"There is no standard normal. Normal is subjective.

There are seven billion versions of normal on this planet."

- Matt Haig

Image by Annie Spratt

Anxiety and Panic

Panic and anxiety disorders are common problems faced by many people living in today's busy society. When stress starts to get in the way of work, relationships and everyday life, we can help with some strategies to manage and get you back in shape.

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Like other conditions, OCD can be debilitating if not well managed. Our overall well-being can also affect our ability to control obsessions and compulsions. Experienced psychologists are available to help you in managing specific symptoms, and to boost other areas of your well-being to prevent future relapses.

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Everyone has big and small down times in life, but sometimes the down is so deep it takes away our ability to feel positive or motivate ourselves to get through daily life. We are here to help bring you back up, by slowly and steadily re-building your feel good skills.

Image by Alexander Andrews

Trauma and PTSD

PTSD can happen to anyone, and trauma can also be caused by common daily life experiences. Our psychologists have extensive experience working from trauma-informed backgrounds, and are skilled at therapies like trauma-focused CBT to get to the root of the problem.

Study Stress

Study stress is pressure that is incrementally added, for what feels like: forever. The secret to getting through is stamina. Do you have the skills and habits to ensure your mental health and cognitive abilities have the stamina for the long haul? We can teach you.


Psychosis affects every single area of daily life, and often leaves people isolated without supports. We work from a biopsychosocial approach to help in rebuilding connections and supports, and reducing the impact of symptoms on daily life. 

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